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Youth justice

Togo: justice and rehabilitation for young people in prison

Between 2009 and 2012, Y Care International worked with the YMCA of Togo to implement an innovative project tackling the rights violations of young men and women in prison, whilst also working with young people at risk of offending in some of Lomé and Atakpamé’s most deprived communities.

The project was designed to respond to the multiple crises facing ex-detainees as well as young people caught up in the justice system, including arbitrary arrest and unlawful detention, no access to legal support, high levels of abuse in custody, limited post-release rehabilitation opportunities, extremely poor health in overcrowded prison cells, high re-offending rates, and stigma and discrimination at family and community levels.

Togo YMCA and Y Care International’s efforts to address these problems were externally evaluated in 2012 and the main findings can be found in the report here.



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