Katanga Youth Investment Initiative on livelihood, case of Gertrude Kluvitse (now 25), Katanga, Lomé, Togo

I was lucky enough to be among the youth that were selected to benefit from the support fund to start up my business (Income Generating Activity – IGA). I participated in the training on establishing and managing a micro enterprise. This training, which lasted around two weeks, allowed me to learn a lot about the setting up and managing of an IGA.

ICS programme is changing lives, Yao’s story

Kougbeadjo Yao Ekpe underwent a huge transformation thanks to his involvement with International Citizen Service. Before the programme, Yao was very shy, lacked self-confidence and felt uncomfortable working with vulnerable children and young people.  He was afraid of speaking in public and avoided it at all costs, so much so, that whilst in school he would never raise his hand, and struggled academically. He was certain that a lack of confidence and poor results at school would spell out a bleak future, and he found it particularly difficult to make friends.

“It was hard for me to make real friends and I found myself isolated.” Yao explained. However, with ICS, he learnt to “surpass himself”, and thanks to his experience as a volunteer in Atakpamé, Togo, he gained more confidence, and found it easier to work as part of a team.

Enfin de l’eau et l’électricité de retour au CMS de Katanga

Enfin l’eau et l’électricité de retour au centre de santé de Katanga le 8 juillet 2014, le couronnement d’une longue marche de plaidoyer. Imaginez un centre de santé sans électricité surtout sans eau. Depuis plus de trois ans, la situation du centre de santé de Katanga est restée précaire à cause de l’absence ou difficulté d’accès à l’eau, à l’électricité et aux produits pharmaceutiques. Située sur le littoral à l’est du Port Autonome de Lomé, la communauté de Katanga, compte environ 13 mille habitants. Depuis 2012, YMCA Togo a fait un premier contact avec Katanga qui est devenue l’une des communautés cibles du projet « Agir pour Vivre » la même année.