Communique of the 10th AAYMCA OGM on 2 to 7 June 2015 in Dakar, Senegal

Communique of the 10th AAYMCA OGM on 2 to 7 June 2015 in Dakar, Senegal

We, the participants at the 10th AAYMCA OGM, under the theme “Point of No Return” held at the Royal Decameron Baobab Resort in Somone, Senegal from 2 to 6 June 2015, hereby approve the following Communique:


Progress made in institutional reform and relevant programme development in the last four years;

Progress made in building a culture of constitutionalism, but noting the continued challenges in effective governance;

Our shared commitment to youth empowerment based on the SUBJECT TO CITIZEN (S2C) philosophy;

The declining membership and the quality of membership;

The unstable financial base of most national movements;

The need for uniform code of conduct to accompany our shared identity and collective actions as YMCAs in Africa;

Our membership in and immense contribution to the global YMCA movement; and

The changing demographic, economic and political environment in Africa and across the World;

Hereby agree to

Subscribe to a common Economic Model as the AAYMCA Secretariat and in national movements to be self-perpetuating and sustainable;

Pursue governance reforms to improve social relevance, accountability and sustainability;
Establish the African Renaissance University (ARU) as an alternative education model based on the S2C philosophy;

Commit to an African YMCAs Charter system of autonomous national movements for compliance and accountability;

Increased efforts and initiatives to draw in new members, retain existing, and development of all members giving value to their contributions of time and donations;

Be up to date on annual Fair Share contributions to AAYMCA; and

Increase efforts for inclusion and participation of women and young people as decision-makers in YMCA and in their communities

We recommend

Challenging ourselves to undo entrenched institutional culture and to adopt contemporary relevant practices that promote our shared Vision;

Establishment of a Permanent Fund with regular, annual contributions from member national movements;

Effectively communicate the impact of YMCA initiatives in our communities towards the empowerment of young people;

Collective action through initiatives at Zonal and Continental levels to increase visibility, reach and impact of YMCA work in Africa;

Practice professionalisation of operations and in service delivery; and the

Development of a clear position by YMCAs in Africa on the social space based on the Resolution adopted at the 18th World Council on Inclusive Social Spaces.


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