Support people in slum communities today

Support people in slum communities today

For young people growing up in slums around the capital of Lomé, Togo, looking to the future can be hard. Communities are frequently threatened by devastating flooding, and the local environment is severely polluted from people dumping their waste anywhere. This can lead to a whole host of problems, including health issues, for those living there. YMCA-Togo needs your help to provide these young people with an opportunity to change their circumstances.
From a young age Emmanuel suffered from health problems, and after contracting a serious infection his left leg had to be amputated. The physical restrictions of his disability meant that he had to drop out of school and then training, and he started to despair about the future, until the local YMCA found him and offered him a chance to learn tailoring. Emmanuel wanted to share this message with our supporters:

Often, I was asked if I would be able to complete my training – but my disability only made me more determined. With the support of my friends at Y Care International and a lot of hard work, I started my own business as a tailor. This was a surprise to many people!

The YMCA provided me with a sewing machine and I managed to locate a workshop. I borrowed some money from a local savings group to secure the tenancy on the workshop. Now that I have a regular income, I’ve repaid every single penny.

My health has also improved so much, and I’m saving to buy a new prosthetic limb. I’ve amazed myself with what I have been able to do! Without your support, I really would not have achieved everything I have.

Life is good for me now, but there are many others who need help too. I hope that you are able to send a gift today to inspire another success story. Thank you for investing in the futures of young people like me.’
Could you support another young person like Emmanuel? Every gift YMCA-Togo receives makes a real difference, offering hope and the opportunity for a better future.

Source: Y Care International

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