15th Camp UNITE: the participant welcome the US Ambassador David Gilmour

15th Camp UNITE: the participant welcome the US Ambassador David Gilmour

The Ambassador of the United States of America (U.S.A) to the Republic of Togo, Mr. David Gilmour met with Togolese youths on the concepts of citizenship and leadership within the framework of the Camp UNITE taking place at CAFAP-Bagbe in Ave District. Started on June 13 under the aegis of Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA-TOGO) in cooperation with Togo Peace Corps and the support of the U.S. Embassy in Togo, the Unite camp gathered 152 youths from the whole country divided into two groups. The first group was made up of 76 boys who attended the first stage from June 13 to 18. Girls were also 76 during the second stage from June 20 to 24. Education, citizenship, leadership, responsibility, health, behavior change, such are the concepts tabled for discussion under the guidance of mentors. The exchange between the Ambassador and the attendees was essentially devoted to the concepts of leadership and citizenship. It was an opportunity for Ambassador Gilmour to give helpful advice to girls, particularly insisting on the qualities of a good education to help their community, hard working, awareness of topical issues and voluntary work. The girls are alsocamp Unite US Emb 1 requested to take good care of their body, give helping hand to the neighbor and work to keep their environment clean and sound.

The National Peace Corps Director, Mr Victor LUBOYESKI, wholeheartedly agreed with him. He said that « the camp will enable the participants to better determine their future ». He said that the goal of the Peace Corps « is to equip these youths with all necessary tools for their blossoming and make them contribute to the development of their areas and their country. »

Clotilde Kparessi

Source: Togo presse N°9817 du 27 juin

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