2014 Togo YMCA GOP meeting

2014 Togo YMCA GOP meeting

Bagbé April 07 2014, the Togo YMCA and its international partners launched the 8th Global Operation Plan (GOP) review meeting. Started in 2007, the process helps to strengthen national movements like the Togo YMCA. Under the annual GOP process the Togo YMCA and its partners meet to assess the progress made on the institutional road map.

The parties look critically at the successes and challenges faced and define new way forward. This meeting is the opportunity for YMCA Togo to identify strengths and weakness on all the three pillars of the GOP which are the clarity of the mission, the institutional viability and social relevance.

Among participants there are leaders of the National movement namely national executive committee members, regional leaders, staff as well as partners from Germany YMCA (CVJM), YMCA of the USA, and representatives of the Africa Alliance of the YMCAs.

We anticipate that relevant decisions  and recommendations will come from open discussions during this gathering .Franck Gafan

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